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I’m extremely excited to introduce you to a podcast that I’ve come to love. This week, I interview Pastor Ronnie Brown, the producer of the new podcast FORGOTTEN. Here’s what it’s all about:

Forgotten is a brief audio journey through historic happenings of the Christian faith. Each episode recounts the acts of God’s supernatural hand in the events of man or the testimony of extraordinary sacrifice of devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The effort of this broadcast is to strengthen our faith in God and resolve our hearts to trust Him no matter what. The reason for telling these stories is that we may not forget.

Let us not be accused of forgetting our God: “…yet my people have forgotten me…” Jeremiah 2:32
Each episode is written and produced by Ronnie Brown.

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About this week’s guest:

Ronnie Brown

Pastor Ronnie Brown is a native of Trenton, Georgia. Despite being raised in church all his life, he was saved on March the 20th, 1994, at the age of 21. On July 22nd, 2001, Bro. Ronnie surrendered his life to preach the Word of God. On June 3rd, 2007, he answered God’s call to become the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church.

Bro. Ronnie was married to Sis. Carey (a native of East Ridge Tennessee) on October 24 1998. They have four children. Grayson, Evan, Calynn. His oldest daughter Allison is married to Garrett. Bro. Ronnie and Sis. Carey have one grandson, Westin.

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