#019 – 5 Church Planting Mistakes I Made (#5 is a HUGE one.)


In this week’s episode, hopefully I can be helpful and keep some church planters from making some of the mistakes that I made when I planted Blue River Baptist Church in Edinburgh, Indiana. I’m going to share 5 of the mistakes that I made. There is also a Top 5 in Under 5 segment this week from Pastor Josh Fryman, who happens to be a church planter in New York. I also want to encourage you to get involved in episode 20. Thanks for listening!



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1. I should have spent more time getting mentored by church planters before I started.

The two episodes I’ve done on mentorships:

Mentorship in Ministry Roundtable – Episode 15

Finding a Mentor – Episode 16

2. I placed too much importance on having our own building.

3. I tried to start a new church in the same mold as an established church.

Here are some thoughts on the church calendar from another episode:

7 Steps to a Simpler Church Calendar – Episode 6

4. I didn’t bite the bullet and invest the upfront time in equipping others to do the tasks that they could do instead of me.

5. Our outreach focused too much on covering as much ground as possible and not on following up on good, receptive visits.

Here are the links to download a copy of the sheet I should have been using while we went soulwinning in Edinburgh:

Sowing and Reaping Information Sheet

Sowing and Reaping Information Sheet Back

Top 5 in Under 5 Segment


This week’s segment is contributed by Pastor Josh Fryman. Josh is the Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Riverhead, NY. He was sent out of Long Island Baptist Church to plant the church in October of 2010. You can check out the church at CommunityBaptistChurch.net or follow Josh through Twitter at @Fryman_Josh.

In his Top 5 in Under 5 segment, he shares with us his top 5 Enemies of Faith. I hope it encourages you!

For Episode 20

Next week marks the 20th episode of The Ministry Connection Podcast. I’d like to celebrate that occasion with 20 of Your Favorite Independent Baptist Preachers. I want to hear from you via voice message sharing who your favorite is and why. Here are some of the ways that you can contribute your message to be included in the 20th episode:

  • Call the voicemail feedback line at (317) 560-4048.


I’m going to be sharing 20 of them with the listening audience next week. Get yours in as soon as possible. Some preachers may be duplicated so I will pick the highest quality voicemail for that preacher. I can’t wait to share that episode with you!

Thanks again for listening to this week’s episode. I hope you’ve been able to learn from some of my church planting mess ups!


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