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If you are out there and have been wondering, “Why did this guy, start this podcast?” I’m sure you’re not alone.  In this episode of the podcast, I hope to unpack for you 5 reasons why I started this show.  These reasons will hopefully give you some understanding and insight into my heart and passion.

I have 5 kids, Andrew is 7, Aaron is 5, Abigail is almost 4, Anna is 2 and Alexander is 6 months old.  You can see a picture of my whole family at MinistryConnectionPodcast.com/Bryan.  Anyway, 5 years ago I planted a church in the small town of Edinburgh, IN.  This summer, God led us and we stepped away from leading that now, autonomous local church.  Well, they held an appreciation, going away day for us and presented us with a 3 night, 4 day trip to Walt Disney World.  We love it there, my wife and I took our honeymoon there.  We order the Vacation Planning DVD every year, total Disneyphiles.  Well, the kids are kind of like that as well.  Every time we leave the house lately, the girls are asking if we are going to Disney World and when they talk to people, one of the first things they tell them is, I’m going to Disney World.  They’re excited.  I say all that to say, people talk about what excites them, what they’re passionate about.  I love to talk about ministry, specifically Independent Baptist Ministry.  I’d say it’s a passion of mine.  This podcast is the outlet or forum for connecting with other folks that feel the same way.

Okay, are you ready for The 5 Reasons I Started This Podcast?  Here they are.  I’m pulling these reasons straight from the tagline for this show.  That tagline serves as a type of purpose statement for the show.  It starts out by simply saying, “The podcast…”  So the first motivation for starting this is…

  1. The Medium of Podcasting

I’m not sure, this may be the first podcast that you’ve ever listened to, or you may be a pro podcast listener.  If you match the statistics for the general public, only 45% of Independent Baptist Leaders even know what a podcast is and only 25% have even listened to one in the past year.  For me, as a bi-vocational, church planter, I worked for three years testing fire alarm systems around the state of Indiana.  It wasn’t unusual for me to spend half or more of my work week driving.  I had an iPhone and starting looking into these Podcast things.  They are mainly audio, online-based shows that exist covering just about any niche topic that you might be interested in.  You can listen to them anywhere, anytime, especially if you own a smart phone.  Today there are over 250,000 podcasts in more than 100 languages.  Last month, Apple made a big deal out of announcing that they have reached an amazing number, 1 Billion podcast subscriptions since their inception. That is an outstanding number.  It tells me this, podcasts are huge and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.  In the Independent Baptist realm, most of our podcasts are sermon audio from our church services, which are great if you’re looking to listen to preaching.  The only exceptions that I’m aware of are the Ministry 127 podcast and the Spiritual Leadership podcast produced out of Lancaster Baptist in California.

Check out the Ministry127 Podcast.

Check out the Spiritual Leadership Podcast.

But when I starting spending a good amount of time listening to podcasts, I realized that the leaders in podcasting in other niche markets had very interactive, engaging podcasts.  People could call in feedback, email, etc and interact with the podcast.  There were discussions and interviews going on with multiple people on the podcast.  As great as the podcasts produced by Lancaster Baptist are, they are still unidirectional.  One person teaching, everyone else listening.  No interaction or dialogue.  That is what is different about this podcast.  You’re voice is vital to the way I want this podcast to work.  So please get involved.


When it comes to listening, you can pop an ear bud into your ear as you are driving to the church or from place to place making hospital or home visits and listen through any smart phone, you can listen on your desktop computer at home or in the office.  You can listen while you’re working out.  Some people listen to podcasts as they lay in bed at night.  There is no limit to the ways, places, and times to listen.  And that is one reason why I started this podcast; I really see the benefit of the medium of Podcasting.


Secondly, not only is this “The podcast…”, it is “The podcast for genuine community and discussion…”  So, my second reason for starting this podcast is..


  1. The Accessibility of the Place

It is an Online Community for Discussion and Fellowship.  I appreciate the local fellowships, the regional and national fellowship meetings and conferences, but not everyone is able to attend those due to schedule or finance, or whatever.  And also, those meetings don’t always lend themselves to genuine discussion about ministry philosophy and methodology.  Again, there is mainly unidirectional communication, not an extended amount of time to engage in fruitful discussion.


So, most people have an internet connected computer or smart phone.  That makes the place of connectivity for Independent Baptist leaders, within reach.  Connections can be made with like-minded leaders online very easily.  They can form relationships with other Independent Baptist church leaders that they might never have known any other way.  Especially, when you factor in the impact that social media has had, which we discussed in the previous episode.  I can think of several guys that I have connected with that way.  And, those guys have become great friends that I can talk to and pray with.


So, a second reason for starting this podcast is the accessibility of the place, it’s online.


Next, for #3, let’s again go to our tagline.  This is “The podcast for genuine community and discussion about Independent Baptist ministry philosophy;” and here it is, “glorifying God for what He has done…”

So the third reason is…


  1. The Gratitude for our Past

Our Heritage is Great.  I am an Independent, Fundamental Baptist.  I stand in line with many great folks who have gone before me to make that possible.


I am not an authority yet on the history of the Independent Baptist Movement.  But I am thankful for those that have gone before me that thought it was important for the local church to be truly autonomous or independent in its operation from any denomination or association. Independent.


I am thankful for those that have gone before me that stand committed to the fundamentals of the faith; Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture, The Deity of Christ, The Virgin Birth of Christ, The Substitutionary, Atoning Work of Christ on the Cross, and The Physical Resurrection and the Personal Bodily Return of Christ to Earth.  Fundamental.


I am thankful for those that have gone before me that hold to; Biblical authority, Autonomy of the local church, Priesthood of the believers, Two church officers, Individual soul liberty, Saved church membership, Two church ordinances, and Separation of church and state.  Baptists.


Those men and women have preserved and protection for me an expression of faith and practice for which I’m truly grateful.


They weren’t all perfect in every area, neither are any of us.  But, unfortunately, there can easily be this spirit amongst some leaders that lends itself to blatant criticism of our heritage, to the point of disrespect.


I want this podcast, and the spirit of it, to be one of gratitude.  Will we always agree with some aspects of how former and current leaders do things?  No, but let’s give appreciation where it is due.  That’s another reason for starting this podcast.


So, we’ve covered, “The podcast for genuine community and discussion about Independent Baptist ministry philosophy; glorifying God for what He has done…”  Next, “highlighting what God is doing now…”  Here we find the fourth reason for starting this podcast…

  1. The Highlighting of the Present

I want to highlight the fruit being born today.  I’m not exactly sure how this will work itself out.  But, I want to have segments, and at times, entire episodes that highlight great churches, missionaries, methods that God’s using today to bear eternal fruit.  I want everyone that listens to the podcast to be encouraged and even inspired by what God is doing now in the ministries that He has called us to.  It may be as simple as having people call in reports from their VBS programs, this new class or small group they started, a person that they led to a saving knowledge of Jesus this week, etc.  It does the soul of church leaders good to hear what God is doing among our sister churches.  This podcast is a great place to do that.  Not bragging on us, but on our God, who is working His will, His way in His kingdom work right now.  I want to provide space in this podcast to highlight those things.


Alright, that’s 4, one more.  So, I want this to be “The podcast for genuine community and discussion about Independent Baptist ministry philosophy; glorifying God for what He has done, highlighting what God is doing now, and equipping leaders to do great things for God on “The Road Ahead”.”  So there you have it, reason #5…

  1. The Need for Preparation

I want this podcast to help equip future leaders.  Not because I have what it takes to do that.  Honestly, I fit well within this category of the guys that need equipping.  I desire to bring in seasoned leaders to point us toward truth, balance and wisdom.  I want to see a smooth “passing of the torch” from one generation of leaders to the next.  I mentioned this in episode one, but I want to use this podcast to facilitate conversation, dialogue among current leaders with great wisdom and experience, and younger leaders that need to glean from that wisdom.  I think that it is also important for current leaders to be able to hear the hearts of these younger leaders.  We have questions, we have areas that could use some clarification.  We would like you to make yourself available.  Just because the younger leaders have questions, it doesn’t mean they are looking to compromise or jump ship.  Though, as you know, that has been a reality.  Many young guys, because their questions were not welcomed, they found the answers elsewhere, within other circles of evangelical Christianity and they are no longer a part of the Independent Baptist realm.  Really, these leaders in progress just need a safe place to discuss things.  Provide that for them.  Don’t treat them differently or intimidate them into silence and submission.  Count it as an honor that they trust and respect you enough to come to you.  They want to be worthy of the mantle when you pass it to them.  Let’s cooperate and equip our future leaders. I really believe that a podcast like this one could serve to do just that.

So, those are the 5 reasons that I started The Ministry Connection Podcast.

  1. The Medium of Podcasting

  2. The Accessibility of the Place

  3. The Gratitude for our Past

  4. The Highlighting of the Present

  5. The Need for Preparation

Podcasting, Place, Past, Present, and Preparation.  There it is, the alliteration.  Anyway,  I’m thankful that you’ve taken the time to listen to this episode of the Ministry Connection podcast.

If you’d like to help supplement the cost of this podcast and keep episodes coming, you can do that at MinistryConnectionPodcast.com/Donate.

God Bless You!  See ya!


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