#023 – Azlynn Noelle, An Interview w/ Matt Cretzman


This week on the podcast, I’ve got Matt Cretzman on as my honored guest.

Matt was born in Canada, he put his faith in Christ at 9 years of age, he was able to get involved in missions work at a young age. Matt is passionate about reaching the unreached with the Gospel and encouraging other folks to do the same.

Matt serves as the director of Rooftop Missions, or, as he puts it, he’s always on the move with his feet on the ground.


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In the episode we talk about where Rooftop Mission came from, the tragedy that has turned his world upside down, and the project that he is currently working on to help others with his experience.

To fully understand The Cretzman’s story watch this video:


They have started a Kickstarter.com project to fund the initial printing of the book.  You can go through this link to make a pledge to make this book a reality:


Thanks for helping.  I look forward to sharing the news with you when the project is fully funded!


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Twitter: @MCretzman




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