#008 – Blog Post Round-up, Halloween, Fundamentalist and Unity


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In the podcast this week I’m going to be discussing four blog posts that received quite a bit of attention this week and I’ll be playing voicemails and reading emails with feedback from the listeners.


Why I Celebrate Halloween by Josh Teis

What Halloween Reveals About Some Christians by Andrew Garcia


Guy Beaumont, Pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Allentown, PA@GuyBeaumont

Mike Kleitz, Pastor of Calvary Road Baptist Church in New Albany, IN; @CRBC_Pastor

Sermon on Halloween: http://vimeo.com/78229941

Dan Haifley, Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL

Cary Schmidt, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington, CT; @CarySchmidt


Should We Abandon the Term “Fundamentalist” by Jeremy Wallace


Guy Beaumont

Dan Haifley


The “Luxury” of Disunity … by Cary Schmidt


Guy Beaumont

Dan Haifley

Cary Schmidt


Thanks for listening and contributing to this week’s episode of the podcast.  Until next time, keep serving Jesus!


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  1. I loved Pastor Schmidt’s opinion of Halloween (that he has no opinion). My family doesn’t participate in Halloween, but we don’t spiritualize our opinion. Too many parents give verse after verse about how evil the holiday is, that it’s the Devil’s day–and they should abstain from the unfruitful works of darkness like Paul said in Ephesians. Many of these same parents have no problem going to the store the next morning to buy the leftover candy for 50% off and ignore Paul’s encouragement to not eat food offered to idols where you could draw an application with Halloween. It is possible for us to just not form opinions on these non-essential issues. We (Americans especially) seem compelled to pick a side and not leave an issue to Christian liberty. Once we do that, we start looking at people as either on our side, against us, or compromising between the two.
    This Feedback is For Episode Number…: 8

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