#011 – Don’t Lose the Mission of the Great Commission

Don't Lose the Mission

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!  If your family is like mine, you’ll be having a couple of Thanksgiving Celebrations this week.  We’ve already had one.  Enjoy this week and intentionally spend some quality time with your family and give thanks to the Lord for His abundant blessings!

I didn’t want to skip a week of the podcast, but I’m not recording a full episode, I’m sharing with you a message that I preached in my home church, Northern Park Baptist Church in Greenwood, Indiana.  It was for their Missions Conference a little over a year ago.  The sermon is entitled, “Don’t Lose the Mission of the Great Commission.”  I pray that it will be helpful to you.

Also, if you are planning on doing any Christmas shopping this week, possible even Cyber Monday next week, would you consider doing any of your Amazon.com shopping through this link: MinistryConnectionPodcast.com/Amazon?  You won’t spend any extra for your items, but a percentage of your purchase will come back to help support the podcast.  I would love to see the support come in to help break even on the expenses for the podcast.  Thanks in advance!

Enjoy this week’s episode.  I’ll see you next week!

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