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Welcome to the 20th episode of The Ministry Connection Podcast. In this week’s episode, we’re going to be sharing the voicemails that some of you called in answering this question that I posed, “Who is your favorite Independent Baptist preacher and why?” I also want to encourage you to get registered for an exciting conference coming up March 10th & 11th here in central Indiana. I’ll be sharing some of the details for that with you at the end of the episode. Thanks for listening!


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Our Favorite Independent Baptist Preachers

When I first decided to ask this question for episode 20, I made it a goal to get 20 voicemails to play in episode.  I was going to play them shotgun-style, with very little additional commentary on my part.  But, unfortunately, I was way short of my goal of 20 voicemails.  In fact, I’ve only got 4 to share with you.  I was pretty surprised by that.  It seemed like a pretty quick, answerable question.  I don’t know if you were afraid to identify with a particular preacher, camp or style.  Or, maybe if you are an assistant pastor like many of the listeners of this podcast, your were afraid that if you didn’t say it was your pastor there would be repercussions.  Whatever your reason was, I forgive you.  So, the consequence of your actions is more talking from me!

Let’s get into the voicemails.  The first voicemail came in from Pastor Mark Ward.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Pastor Ward is the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Tipton, Indiana.  You can check out the church website at FBCTipton.org.  He can also be found as @PastorMarkWard on Twitter.

His favorite Independent Baptist preachers are:

Jim Schettler, Vice President, West Coast Baptist College

Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA, president of West Coast Baptist College and he blogs at PaulChappell.com. Twitter: @PaulChappell

Marc Monte, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Avon, IN. Twitter: @DrMarcMonte

Dr. Bob Taylor, former pastor, Colonial Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN

Jeff Quigley

Jeff Quigley

Jeff Quigley is the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Lamar, MO.  The church website is LibertyLamar.org.  He can also be found as @JAQuigley on Twitter.  His favorite preachers are:

Doug Fisher, Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, San Diego, CA

Dr. Art WilsonEvangelist, preacher, pastor, church planter, teacher, author, poet, composer.

Sam Davison, President of Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, OK

James Brierton

James Brierton

James is a member of the same church that I’m at, Northern Park Baptist Church in Greenwood, IN.  He can be found on Twitter as @Brierton_James.  His favorite preachers are:

Bryan Ries, is me.

Jim Alter is the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Sydney, OH.  He also writes and speaks extensively about Baptist History through his ministry at the Ancient Baptist Journal.

Steve Dwire

Steve Dwire

Steve Dwire has founded a website/blog over at EdifyHub.com.  He does a great job giving some insight into why he benefits from certain preachers at certain times.  You can find him on twitter @SteveDwire and @EdifyHub.  Some of the preachers that he mentions are: (I’ll only link to a few)

Dan Sweatt, Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn, GA.

Shawn Kook, Youth Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn, GA.

Chuck Phelps

Will Galkin

Jerry Sivnskty

Steve Pettit

Rich Tozour

Tom Farrell

Andy Bonikowsky

Graham Foran

Mike Petersen

Bill Lake

Rand Hummell

Dave Young

Chris Anderson

Greg Habegger

Dan Forrest

Ryan Hayden

Ryan Hayden is the pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL and he blogs at PastorRyanHayden.com.  You can connect with him on Twitter @RynHayden.  His favorite preachers are:

Calvin Fuller

Mark Carpenter, Pastor of Capitol City Baptist Church in Columbus, OH.

Jack Scallions, Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Athens, TN.

Clarence Sexton, Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN and president of The Crown College of the Bible. Twitter: @ClarenceSexton

Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA, president of West Coast Baptist College and he blogs at PaulChappell.com. Twitter: @PaulChappell

Mike Kleitz

Mike Kleitz

Mike is the pastor of Calvary Road Baptist Church in New Albany, IN.  You can find him on Twitter as @CRBC_Pastor.  His favorite preachers are:

Wade Sheffield, Pastor Emeritus of Calvary Road Baptist Church in New Albany, IN.

Lonnie Mattingly, former pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. Twitter: @LonnieMattingly

My Favorite Preachers

Clyde Box, Pastor Emeritus of Brookhollow Baptist Church in DeSoto, TX. Download and listen to his message Looking for the Wounded HERE.

Cary Schmidt, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington, CT and he blogs at CarySchmidt.com.  You can listen to the podcast of the church services HERE. Twitter: @CarySchmidt

Kerry Nance, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church in Tampa, FL.  Pastor Nance will be one of the Keynote Speakers at this year’s Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA.  Listen to the message he preached at the February 2014 GIBF National Meeting HERE.

The Outreach Conference at Faith Baptist Church in Avon, IN

This conference is going to be awesome.  You can register at http://www.faithbaptistavon.com/outreach.html.

Here is a document giving all of the information about the main sessions and workshops.


Thanks for listening to this weeks episode.


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  1. I have always appreciated missionary Darrell Champlin, Jan Milton, John Vaughn, and Rick Flanders. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ve downloaded sermons from some of the guys mentioned here and am hoping to listen over the next few days. Thanks for the program.

    • Thanks for sharing Christopher. I don’t believe that I’ve heard any of them before. Thanks for listening to the podcast!

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