#016 – Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

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Terry Basham, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Lawton, OK@TerryBasham2

Matt McMorris, Associate Pastor at Green Garden Baptist Church, Monee, IL@MattMcMorris

Mike Kleitz, Pastor, Calvary Road Baptist Church, New Albany, IN@CRBC_Pastor

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In response to the last episode, I came up with some suggestions for finding a mentor in ministry.

Things to Consider When Finding a Mentor

1.  Cast a Wide Net

2.  Pray for Wisdom & Guidance.  Then, Trust the Lord’s Leading.

3.  Start Now.  Especially if You’re Young.

4.  Build a Relationship Before Asking for Mentorship.

5.  Look to Be a Blessing to Him.  Make It Easy for Him to Mentor You.

6.  Look for a Man That Clearly Has What You Personally Need.

7.  Look for a Man That Talks and Listens.

8.  Get a Group Together and Ask Him to “Mentor Us.”

9.  Show Gratitude and Honor.

These thoughts were loosely based on ideas I picked up from these sources:

Relevant Magazine Article – Finding a Mentor

Michael Hyatt’s Podcast Episode – How to Find a Mentor to Take You Further, Faster

The DVD Curriculum by Robert Lewis – The Quest for Authentic Manhood

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