#017 – Interview with Estevan Montoya

Interview with Estevan Montoya

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Interview with Estevan Montoya

On the podcast this week, I’m sharing with you a wonderful interview that I had with Estevan Montoya.

Estevan Montoya is a Church Planting Pastor at Mountain View Baptist Church in Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico.  He is married to his wife Eileen, and they have 2 cute little girls together.  He has some experience with graphic design and produces some nice looking gospel tracts that might be of use to your ministry. How I became acquainted with Estevan is through his podcast. He is also the host of the Plea for Power Podcast, (open in iTunes) a podcast to encourage Independent Baptist church planters and pastors of smaller churches, which he tells us more about during the podcast.  I’d like to thank Brother Montoya for being willing to join me on this week’s Ministry Connection Podcast.

You can find Estevan on twitter via @EAMontoya7.

Other resources mentioned in the episode:

Heartland Baptist Bible College – Church Planting Conference

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