#009 – Lessons Learned While Between Ministries

Lessons Learned

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In this week’s episode, I want to talk with you about some of the things that I’ve learned during this time of my life where I’ve been between ministry positions.  All of the things that I’ve been learning have been beneficial, they just haven’t all been easy.  Here are some of the things that I’ve learned that I’ll be discussing in the podcast:

  • A Reaffirmation of the Call to Ministry
  • It’s Been Good for our Family to Sit in Church Together
  • Doubts Arise from Within and Without
  • The Financial Strain is Testing
  • But, God is Faithful to Provide
  • I’ve Leaned into God through Fasting and Prayer
  • You’re Tempted to Miss the Right Now While Focusing on What’s Ahead
  • I’ve Started Projects that I’d Been Postponing.
  • As a Leader, It Becomes Easy to Criticize the Leaders Where You Are.
  • When You’re Used to Preaching, It’s Hard Not to.
  • You Can Refocus Your Attention on a Heaven’s Eye View

                                  “The Heaven’s-Eye-View!” – Cary Scmidt

Top 5 in Under 5 Segment

This week’s episode also features another edition of The Top 5 in Under 5 segment.  In under 5 minutes Matt McMorris will be sharing his top 5 tips for Congregation Worship prep.

Matt McMorris

Matt is the Assistant Pastor at Green Garden Baptist Church in Monee, IL.  You can also find him on Twitter as @MattMcMorris and at MattMcMorris.com.

Next Week…

For episode #10, I’d like to know what you’re reading right now and how it’s affecting you.  I’d like to have at least 10 voicemails to share next week.  Call in your book title and thoughts through the voicemail contacts mentioned below.

Enjoy this week’s episode!

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