#014 – Low-hanging Fruit in Ministry

Low-hanging Fruit

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World English Dictionary
low-hanging fruit
1. the fruit that grows low on a tree and is therefore easy to reach
2. a course of action that can be undertaken quickly and easily as part of a wider range of changes or solution to a problem: first pick the low hanging fruit.

In this week’s episode, I share with you some ideas of low-hanging fruit for your  ministry.  These are easy to implement, low cost, low investment of time, big impact things that could start to increase your fruit yield for Jesus.

Here are some of my ideas:

1.  Church Sign Messages

If you have a church sign, please use it the right way.  Let’s get rid of all of the corny cliches and potentially offensive phrases.  My thoughts are to use what is quick and powerful…scripture.  Let God speak through your sign.  This could make that billboard out front more fruitful.

2.  Training Your Greeters More Thoroughly

You may already do this and have great greeters, if so, this isn’t for you.  But, for the rest of you, take the time to make the behaviors and practices.  Some thoughts that I have are: make sure you have enough of them, make sure they fully open the doors, both doors if they are double, stay on their post until 10 minutes after the service start time, maybe some specific steps to take if they know the folks coming in are 1st time guests.

I read a great book on the subject of the 1st time guests to your church that I’d like to recommend to you.  As of this moment, it is only $3.99 for the Kindle edition and $12.54 for the paperback.  It is called Beyond the First Visit: The Complete Guide to Connecting Guests to Your Church.

VOICEMAIL – I’ll go ahead and play one of the voicemails that came in when I posed the question soliciting your ideas for low-hanging ministry fruit.  Here is a voicemail from Josh Teis, pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV and JoshuaTeis.com.

Smile More!

3.  Paint Some Special Parking Spots

Maybe you could simply get some lettering and paint and make some special parking spots for 1st time guests and maybe even Expectant Mothers and Parents of Newborns like I’ve seen and Walmart and Meijer stores here in Indiana.

4.  Take Full Advantage of Social Media

It is completely free and only costs you the amount of time that you’re wanting to invest into it.  Especially as a church, it can be a great forum for disseminating important information such as upcoming events, cancellations, etc.  Much of your congregation is on social media. Sometimes multiple times a day.  Your church bulletin is probably in the trash or still in their Bible.  They’ll forget or they’ve got a lot going on, so remind them…multiple times.  Connect with them, comment on their status updates, retweet them, whatever.  Use it, they are.

VOICEMAIL – Here is another voicemail that came in from Mike Rowell, from Indianapolis, IN.  He is @redhedrev on Twitter.

Accountability for those that serve.

5.  The YouVersion App

Your church folks also have smart phones.  Encourage them to check out the YouVersion Bible App and pick a Bible Reading plan for the year.  And while you’re at it, go online and figure out how to create a group and live events where they can follow along with your notes.  It’s pretty cool actually.

VOICEMAIL – And the last voicemail I’ll share this week came in from Ryan Hayden, pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL and blogs at Ryan-Hayden.com.

Plan events throughout the year that the people get excited about.


I’m excited to share with you what I’ve got planned for next week.  We’ll be recording a Ministry Connection Roundtable episode.  The subject of conversation will be Ministry Mentorships.  Where as Independent Baptists can we improve in the area of mentoring young leaders and preparing them for ministry positions?  With which generation does the responsibility to initiate a mentoring relationship belong?  Why doesn’t this take place?  What do we have to lose if we don’t get this right?

It should be interesting!

Thanks for joining me this week and until next time keep serving Jesus!

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