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For this week’s podcast, I assembled a great group of ministry leaders to have a roundtable-type discussion about mentorship in ministry.

We’ll be discussing specifically ministry mentorships for Independent Baptist Church leaders.  Is it happening?  Why or Why not? What would cause a break down in mentorship? What is the most effective way to set up a system for ministry mentorships? etc.

Here is who is on the panel besides myself:

Ryan Hayden

Ryan Hayden, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, Illinois // BibleBaptistMattoon.org & Ryan-Hayden.com // Twitter: @RynHayden

Bill Darnell

Bill Darnell, Layman at Northern Park Baptist Church in Greenwood, Indiana & Blogger at Deep or Shallow Blog // DeeporShallow.wordpress.com // Twitter: @Bill_Darnell

James Johnson

James Johnson, Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Muncie, Indiana // TempleBaptistMuncie.org // Twitter: @TempleMuncie

Brock Evans

Brock Evans, Pastor of Pittsboro Baptist Church in Pittsboro, Indiana // PittsboroBaptist.com // Twitter: @PastorJBE

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What are your thoughts on this?  Get involved in the comments section below.  Or, better yet, call in a voicemail sharing your thoughts on this discussion!

Thanks for joining me this week and until next time keep serving Jesus!

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  1. wow, I actually spoke to Brock at Southern Seminary at the expositors conference. I think he snapped a pic of me and mohler for me! small world…

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