#001 – The Premier Episode – What Excites and Concerns You?

This is the 1st, the premier, the inaugural episode of The Ministry Connection Podcast.

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The Question

Today, we’ll be discussing the question, “What most excites you & what most concerns you about the future for Independent Baptist Churches?”  I’ve got several folks that called in and emailed their answers to that question. I knew that I would get varied answers from a diverse group of people.  And that’s good!  Everyone has had their own set of circumstances that would lead them to giving an answer to that question.

I also thought about the fact that my desire for this podcast is that it does not become a gripe session about the IFB.  I want to be thankful for our movement and it’s godly heritage, yet address the blemishes that might also exist today.  And I also thought it was important to not only highlight people’s concerns, but also what they are excited about when they look around at what’s happening in Independent Baptist ministry today.

Feedback to the Question

Mike Kleitz

Twitter: @CRBC_Pastor

Website: www.calvaryroadbaptist.net

Points from his voicemail:

Excited about:

–        Seeing growth, see souls saved

–        Emphasis on discipleship

–        Movement away from the “Camp” mentality

Concerned about:

–       A focus solely on the platform ministry and not enough on soulwinning.


Andrew Green

Andrew Green said:

“The challenge of reaching the Millennial generation for Christ! 20% are unaffiliated with any religion at all!”

Points from this:

Book promo:  The Millennials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation by Thom and Jess Rainer

Any time you go and purchase any of the resources mention in the show, a small percentage of your purchase does go to help support this podcast.

I haven’t read the book, but I have read other works by the authors.

I have also listened to a podcast episode from Thom Rainer’s podcast “Rainer on Leadership”  I’ll put a link to the episode that he did on the millennials in the show notes as well.



Greg Long

Website: http://www.sturgisbaptistchurch.com/

Points from the voicemail:

Excited about:

–        Seems to be a younger guard embracing change and reevaluating things

–        Focus on logically, theologically and biblically based ideas.

Concerned about:

–        The concern about the “why” to stay.

–        Old guard – new guard terminology


Jeremy Wallace

Twitter: @Jeremy_Wallace

Website: http://www.discovermaranatha.org/

Points from the voicemail:

Excited about:

–        Excited about more of a focus on discipleship

Concerned about:

–        Survival?

–        Not truly focused on biblical principles, the gospel

–        Isolation instead of Independence

–        Lack of intentionality, reacting to what others or culture are doing


David Summerlin

I also received an email from David Summerlin:

Twitter: @DavidSummerlin

David said: “The most concerning to me is the potential persecution the church may face in the future. The liberal media, political correctness and the left-wing agenda are doing all they can to stifle the church.

The most exciting thing is that God is still on the throne no matter what the future holds and as long as He still has us here, there is work to be done.”


 James Johnson

Twitter: @JamesCJohnson4

Website: http://www.templebaptistmuncie.org/


Points from the voicemail:

Excited about:

–        Salty stands

–        Mark Ward – fight for restricting the sale of alcohol

Twitter: @pastormarkward

Website: www.fbctipton.org

–        Marc Monte – stand for the truth about Islam

Twitter: @drmarcmonte

Website: www.faithbaptistavon.com


Mike Rowell


Website: www.about.me/redhedrev

***CORRECTION: Website is actually www.about.me/mikerowell

Points from voicemail:

Excited about:

–        Relationship being developed with folks managing the tension between tradition and mission

Concerned about:

–        Discussions and conversations about ministry and methodology are had with different understandings of reality.

–        No change is needed, change is needed

–        What is the problem, and how do we posture ourselves toward the problems


Brock Evans

The final voicemail came in right under the wire of the deadline and it’s from Brock Evans, the pastor of Pittsboro Baptist Church in Pittsboro, IN, who sent me a message stating that he was admittedly nervous.  I remember the first time that I called in feedback to a podcast.  It was a podcast that talked about a television show that I enjoyed and I fumbled all over myself.  Your voicemails don’t have to be perfect.  I want you to think of this as just a conversation between friends and brothers.  So, anyway, here is Brock’s voicemail:


Twitter: @PastorJBe

Website: www.pittsborobaptist.com


Points from voicemail:

Concerned about:

–        Not a critic to tear down, but to build up

–        Superstition to Higher Education

–        Non-disciplined study, non-exegetical preaching

–        Pastor’s opinion instead of how the text should be applied

–        Old paths vs. ever present God

–        “We must get back to expository preaching!”



This is a great comment to end on.  We need to focus our ministries on the word and prayer.  Our traditions and opinions pale in comparison to the truths from the Holy Word of God, and the application of those truths to the individual heart by the Holy Spirit of the ever-present God.


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See you next time!

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